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August 8, 2019

ACS International at the SIMPPAR 2019

ACS International at the SIMPPAR 2019 – busy and eventful days!

SIMPPAR 2019 in a few numbers: 2000 top-class visitors from the F&F industry, 100 exhibitors from 22 countries – and busy and eventful days for the ACS International team! “We are highly satisfied with the numerous visitors at our booth and the fruitful talks”, says Michel Specklin, Managing Director ACS International. “And of course it was a great pleasure to announce David Chieze as the winner of our Perfumes Contest Amethyst”.

The 14th SIMPPAR not only attracted a great amount of visitors, also the number of exhibitors was almost one third higher than in 2017. The ACS International team welcomed numerous top-class visitors at the booth. Interested visitors had the chance to find out about a variety of products such as:

  • Ambrettolide HC Suprême
  • Romanone & Dihydroambrettolide and their derivatived products
  • MVP (2-methoxy-4-vinylphenol / Vinyl Guaiacol )
  • Dihydro Jasmone
  • Full range of Delta lactones
  • IBCH Suprême

Of course ACS Internationals new and outstanding product Ambrettolide HC Suprême was the star of the event. Ambrettolide HC Suprême not only played an important role at the booth, it is also the product around which the Perfumers Contest Amethyst evolved. During the first day of the SIMPPAR, the Amethyst contest award ceremony was held in the superbly decorated VIP area. ACS International proudly announced David Chieze, a young perfumer from France, as the worthy winner. After a brief introduction of the ACS group by Dan Hirlea (CEO ACS International) and a description of the winner’s fragrance by Serge Oldenbourg (Senior perfumer at ACS International), the audience – perfumers, professionals from the F&F industry and members of the specialized press – were impatient to meet David Chieze the happy winner of the contest award of $10,000. The ceremony attendees each were presented with a flacon of David’s “Circle & Life” fragrance.

“Circle & Life” represents the story of life, which goes as a circle. ACS International thanks all guests and partners for their visit, and as everything moves in circles, looks forward to meeting new and familiar faces at the next SIMPPAR 2021.

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