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ACS International GmbH Central Germany

Supply Chain Management & Logistic Hub

The group headquarters in central Germany, acts as our logistics hub, affording speed and flexibility in supply.

Quality Management

Ensuring each product we supply meets the needs of our customers is one of the fundamental principles we adhere to. Every batch of product we supply to customers is fully analyzed and olfactively evaluated by our highly experienced evaluation team led by a senior perfumer and flavorist, to ensure it meets the requirements of each of our fragrance and flavor clients.


At ACS International, up-to-date documentation for all products takes the highest priority. Our safety data sheets reflect the latest updates of the ECHA and IFRA codes of practice. Kosher certificates and other documents are renewed regularly to always ensure validity.
Through our collaborative efforts with organizations such as the German Fragrance Manufacturers’ Association (DVRH), German Aroma Chemicals Association (DVAI), and IFEAT, we are continuously provided with the latest updates on all regulatory issues. We are also compliant with all the requirements of REACH.

Logistic hub

ACS International’s products are sold in over 30 countries across five continents. Our group headquarters in central Germany acts as the central logistics hub, affording speed and flexibility in supply. This, combined with local warehousing in France, Spain, the UK, USA, Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan, Singapore, and India, enhances our connectivity with our customers.

Customer service

Service to our customers captures our greatest attention. Incoming orders from all over the world are processed immediately. ACS International has an international order-management team in daily communication with our customers.

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