Global Sales and Innovation

ACS Switzerland

History has shown that ACSI is in a position to act as a strong partner in the F&F industry thanks to a highly motivated team, a high level of competence and decades of industry knowledge.

The range of top-class F&F specialities is also based on creativity in research and development. Beyond the highest demands on the quality of its products, ACSI aims to provide creative solutions and answers to its customers’ questions and goals and to build a long-lasting, trusting and cooperative relationship with its customers.

Global sales management

Our customers are located in more than 30 countries across 5 continents. In addition to our own sales team, we work with professional agents specialized in our industry.


ACS is committed to leading the way in the field of flavour and fragrance ingredient development. Whether this is in the identification of new aroma chemicals, the discovery of new chemicals and biochemical processes, or the improvement of current production methodology. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our dedicated team of scientists strives for excellence, not only to the improvement of ACS but for the benefit of our partners. Not only do we utilize our own in-house capabilities, but we have developed a network of partners across Europe, North America and beyond, who’s own cutting edge technology ensures that ACS is a leader in the development of aroma molecules for the flavor & fragrance world.

ACS understands the importance of sourcing, manufacturing and supplying aroma chemicals, but also assists and supports our customers in optimizing the use of the materials we produce. Our in-house perfumer and flavorist access gives us the ability to expand our knowledge in where our materials can bring a higher value to our customers. This also allows us to explore unusual applications and pass on this knowledge to our partners and to discuss our specialties in the same language as our customers.