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For more than a decade ACS International has grown from humble beginnings to be recognized within the flavour and fragrance market as a key supplier of specialty aroma chemicals. Utilising the over 100 years of accumulated experience in our management team has allowed us to serve our customers in ways which set us apart. Our commitment to the fragrance and flavour markets and our dedication to our customers is the foundation on which our success has been built. The combination of unique innovation, technical excellence and creativity are the things which allow us to continue to be the leaders in our field.


„Circle & Life“ Amethyst`s winning fragrance

„Circle & Life“ is the exciting and high-quality fragrance, which David Chieze, a young perfumer from France, created in the course of ACS Internationals Perfumers Contest Amethyst.


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ACS International at the SIMPPAR 2019

“We are highly satisfied with the numerous visitors at our booth and the fruitful talks”, says Michel Specklin, Managing Director ACS International. The ACS International team welcomed numerous top-class visitors at the booth.

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Amethyst has found a worthy winner!

In June 2018 the Perfumers Contest Amethyst was initiated by ACS International. The contest evolved around ACS’ new product Ambrettolide HC Suprême. Interested perfumers were called to develop a fragrance.


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