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August 7, 2019

Amethyst has found a worthy winner!

Congratulations to David Chieze – winner of the Perfumers Contest Amethyst

ACS International congratulates David Chieze for his outstanding fragrance development in the course of the Perfumers Contest Amethyst.

In June 2018 the Perfumers Contest Amethyst was initiated by ACS International. The contest evolved around ACS’ new product Ambrettolide HC Suprême. Interested perfumers were called to develop an innovative and creative fragrance with and around Ambrettolide HC Suprême. Over one hundred samples were sent out to perfumers from all over the world. Many interesting creations have reached ACS International over the course of the following year.

Finally, the international expert jury had the honorable task to select the winner from all submissions. In the course of the SIMPPAR 2019 in Paris, ACS International held a contest award ceremony where the winner David Chieze, a young perfumer from France, was announced as the winner. His winning fragrance “Circle & Life” was presented to the audience and he received the winning check of $10,000. His idea and realization of “Circle & Life” completely convinced the jury. David Chieze himself said about his creation: “The development of this fragrance was to create a scent about the story of life, which goes as a circle”. He explains further: “As I needed a lot of musks, which accompany the fragrance from top to bottom, it was the perfect opportunity to test a high amount of Ambrettolide HC Suprême”.

Serge Oldenbourg (Senior Perfumer ACS International) added: “We are very happy to have found this worthy winner of our Perfumers Contest Amethyst and are amazed by the great quality of submissions to the contest! Thank you to all participants and the many creations we have received.”

In the photo:
David Chieze, winner Amethyst Perfumers Contest.
Serge Oldenbourg, Senior perfumer at ACS International.
Dan Hirlea (CEO ACS International). (from left to right)

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