Macrocyclic Musks

It is well known that ACS is the sole company worldwide producing Macrocyclic Musk using the Story Synthesis based on peroxide chemistry developed by Dr. Paul Story.

This very sophisticated synthesis leads to a macrocyclic lactone, Dihydro Ambrettolide (Hexadecanolide) and a macrocyclic ketone Romanone (Cyclopentadecanone). These 2 MCM’s are further refined to several unique musk specialties.

2018 was a very important year for ACS: we launched Ambrettolide HC Suprême, the first Macrocyclic Musk produced via Biotechnology on a commercial scale. Our High Cis Ambrettolide, reminiscent of Ambrette Seeds Oil, has far superior sensorial properties compared to (Trans) Ambrettolide.

Use in Fragrance

Food Grade

Renewable Carbon Content ≥ 50%

PNACS Product NameCAS#FLAVISFEMAREACHUse in Fragrance IconOlfactive familyOlfactive DescriptionFlyer
20996Ambrettolide HC Suprême28645-51-410.0634145YesYesYesYesMuskMusk, floral, clean, Ambrette Seeds OilDownload
20910Ambrettolide HC28645-51-410.0634145YesYesNoYesMuskMusk, floral, cosmetic, Ambrette Seeds OilDownload
20962Dimusk502-72-7 / 109-29-5 / 110-27-0YesYesNoNoMuskMusk, powdery, animalicDownload
20994ElenoneTM502-72-7 / 109-29-5 / 110-27-0YesYesNoNoMuskMusk, powdery, floral, animalicDownload
20921Romanone extra pure502-72-7YesYesNoNoMuskMusk, powdery, Nitro-Musk Effect, animalDownload
20938Romanone Flakes502-72-7YesYesNoNoMuskMusk, powdery, Nitro-Musk Effect, animalDownload
20902Dihydroambrettolide109-29-510.047YesYesYesNoMuskMusky, balsamic, animalic, great diffusion and tenacity
20957Dihydroambrettolide Extra pure109-29-510.047YesYesYesNoMuskMusky, balsamic, animalic; great diffusion and tenacityDownload

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