Delta Lactones

Peroxide Chemistry is synonymous with ACS / Aroma Rise and made us known and recognized as the worldwide leader in this highly advanced technology.

Delta Lactones, also based on Peroxide Chemistry, are of highest importance to the flavor industry but are also widely used in the perfumery industry.

Considering the importance of the use of Delta Lactones in fragrance compositions, Aroma Rise became the REACH lead registrant for several delta lactones.

Use in Fragrance

Food Grade

Renewable Carbon Content ≥ 50%

PNACS Product NameCAS#FLAVISFEMAREACHUse in Fragrance IconOlfactive familyOlfactive DescriptionFlyer
20942Dodecalactone delta713-95-110.0082401YesYesYesYesFruityFruity, Peach, creamyDownload
20088Hexalactone delta823-22-310.0103167ExemptYesYesNoFruityFruity, creamy, HazelnutDownload
20945Nonalactone delta3301-94-810.0143356YesYesYesNoFruityFruity, powdery, milky, coumarin, CoconutDownload
20944Octalactone delta698-76-010.0153214YesYesYesNoFruityFruity, milky, powdery, Hay, CoconutDownload
20078Tetradecalactone delta2721-22-410.0163590ExemptYesYesNoFruityFruity, creamy, lactonicDownload
20947Undecalactone delta0710-04-0310.0113294YesYesYesNoFruityFruity, creamy, Peach, CoconutDownload
20941Decalactone delta705-86-210,0072361YesYesYesNoFruityFruity, Coconut, Peach, herbalDownload

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