QC, QA & Regulatory

QC, QA & Regulatory

Ensuring each product we supply meets the needs of our customers is one of the key principles we adhere to. Every batch of product we supply to customers is rigourously analysed and evaluated to ensure it meets the requirements of the fragrance and flavour markets.

Sensory testing is performed by a dedicated team of highly trained personnel who understand the olfactive requirements of each material we supply.

Analytical testing including GC, GC/MS, density, refractive index, colour etc, is performed for every batch of product which is supplied by ACS at our European logistic hub, equipped with the latest technology in analytical chemistry.

At ACS, updated documentation for all products takes a high priority. Our safety data sheets reflect the latest updates of the EFFA code of practice. Kosher certificates and other documents are renewed on a regular basis to ensure validity at all times. Through our membership of organisations such as the German Fragrance Manufacturers’ Association (DVRH), German Aroma Chemicals Association (DVAI) and IFEAT we are continuously provided with the latest updates of all regulatory issues.

ACS is compliant with the requirements of REACH, the European chemical legislation. All our products have been pre-registered, and our company participates in all applicable consortia. We actively participate in the EFFA initiative for the formation of pre-consortia within the fragrance industry.