Operational Capabilities


By focusing on operation excellence, we utilise sophisticated chemical processes to produce high value ingredients for our customers worldwide. Manufacturing at Aroma Rise, Onesti, Romania, EU ( ACS Group) began in 1991 and since then we have become global leaders in peroxidations, pyrolysis, catalytic hydrogenation and dehydrogenation, and other processes key to the production of some of the creative cornerstones of the flavour and fragrance market. State of the art manufacturing capabilities and strong internal know how, combined with operational flexibility allows Aroma Rise and ACS to supply a wide range of key fragrance and flavour ingredients. Growing over the years, Aroma Rise is now a key manufacturer of delta lactones, macrocyclic musks and specialty fragrance and flavour aroma chemicals.

Our products are sold to more than 30 countries across 5 continents. ACS group headquarters in central Germany also act as our central logistical hub for the region, affording speed and flexibility in supply. This combined with local warehousing in France, Spain, Italy, the UK, USA, Mexico, Brasil, China, Japan, Singapore and India enhances our connectivity with our customer’s needs.