Creativity Beyond Chemistry

Fragrance Markets

With over a century of accumulated experience and a broad range of specialty aroma chemicals available to our customers, our products can be found across multiple fragrance markets. From our macrocyclic musk product to our fragrance specialties ACS materials are used by perfumers in all continents to create the perfumes found in the brands the world uses every day.

Fine Fragrance

fine fragrance

Desire, fashion and art are all influenced by, and the influencers of, Fine Fragrance. Fine fragrance captures the dreams and emotions of the wearer, combining the innovation and passion of the perfumer along with the finest ingredients available.

Home Care

home care

Innovation, creativity and technology are the cornerstones of fragrances for home care products. A house that smells warm and welcoming becomes a home. Balancing performance and emotion ACS Aroma chemicals support the functioning benefits of cleaning products and air fresheners in all areas of the home.

Laundry Care

laundry care

We bring our expertise and technology to create products which provide unique sensorial solutions. Our products help perfumers create the fragrance which elevates the brands we use every day, by balancing the functional performance of the detergent and connecting with the emotional needs of the consumer.

Personal Care

personal care

Fragrances which connect the mind, body and soul. Fragrances which are as unique as an individual, but establish the identity of a brand. Fragrances which enchant and empower consumers. ACS ingredients are an integral part of a perfumer’s palette to achieve all of these goals in personal care products.



Aligning beauty and allure the cosmetic world brings the consumer closer to their dreams. Cosmetic fragrances encapsulate these dreams in a way the consumer can grasp bringing a tangible reality to body and mind.