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Flavour Markets

ACS knows that flavour is the single most important thing in driving our enjoyment of the things we eat and drink. Smell and taste drive the pleasure and indulgence consumers come back to a product for; they can evoke a childhood memory, a faraway place, a feeling of pleasure or even a sense of comfort. ACS products are used to impart the odours and tastes which are core to the creation of magical flavours.



Low fat, high flavour smoothies, thick savory yoghurt, rich cold ice-cream treats…. Fresh cream and butter to strawberry and chocolate. ACS products are the key materials to impart a wide range of odour and taste needs across the spectrum of Dairy applications.



From chocolate to hard candies, or from gummies to toffees and caramels, the world of confectionary is one which good flavour plays a critical role. ACS aroma chemicals play a key part in making flavours taste great and feel indulgent.



Whether hot or cold, for refreshment or energy, or health and nutrition, the beverage market drives flavours as diverse as citrus, tropical fruit, tea and coffee. Aroma chemicals supplied by ACS find homes in all areas of the dynamic and diverse flavour needs of the beverage market.



Snacks, sauces, soups, ready meals, dressings, condiments, meat and seafood. ACS aroma chemicals are used across the range in a wide variety of flavours and applications by flavourists looking for that something extra.



The foundation of stimulating and fresh. Used in confectionary and oral care this key flavour profile is often the most difficult to truly master. ACS ingredients can provide flavourists with the element which elevates a flavour from good to great.

Bakery & Cereal

bakery & cereal

Over a broad spectrum of end uses from cakes to croissants to cereal bars and beyond, the ingredients supplied by ACS ensure that flavourists the world over can rise above and achieve the heights desired by today’s consumers.